Flash Fungi ID Cards

Welcome to Flash Fungi from Mycology Club at the University of Minnesota! These flashcards are intended to introduce the novice to the basics of fungal diversity by providing simple descriptions and pictorial examples. We do not recommend that these cards be used for definitive identification of fungi in the field, particularly if you are searching for edibles. There are a great number of references currently available for fungal field identification, many of which are referenced on the cards.

Each card includes a set of 3 images, a common name, scientific name, family, description, habitat, and an interesting fact. The images show the mushrooms in their natural environment from varying angles and stages of life. The common name is the largest bolded text at the top of the card, followed by the scientific name in italics and the family name in brackets. If there are any terms you are unfamiliar with, check the definitions card. For poisonous mushrooms, a red mushroom icon is depicted in the lower right corner.

These cards are strictly for practice and should always be used in association with a more detailed source.

We would like to thank the many contributors to the website Mushroom Observer (mushroomobserver.org), whose creative commons supplied the bulk of the images used for the creation of these cards.

Happy hunting!

Authors: Aaron David, Lotus Lofgren, Andrea Falle